Image of 4th Street LRT Station Plus-15 Bridge in Calgary designed by Calgary architect Sturgess Architecture in association with GEC Architecture

4th Street LRT Station Plus-15 Bridge

The City of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta, Canada



The plus-15 bridge is the only one in Calgary’s downtown that connects directly to an LRT platform. The bridge was designed to reuse existing steel girders and decking and incorporate the steel and glass language of the downtown LRT stations.

Its appearance is considerably lighter than its predecessor, improving visibility and enhancing the aesthetic. Opportunities for views and maximum access for transit patrons were ensured by keeping the structure on the north (station) side as open as possible. Vertical structural support was keep to a minimum and the concrete stairs were designed to appear as thin as possible. The steel and glass guard rails do not block views of the platform from either side. The top of the bridge was designed to exploit the vistas afforded by the new Calgary Courthouse Park so that it becomes a viewing platform over the Park. The expressive geometry of the steel support structure was created by a series of curved ribs that become larger from south to north and rotate from 90 degrees to 45 degrees, forming the hood at the north edge.

*in association with GEC Architecture