Image of Building Bloc in Calgary, renovation completed by Calgary architect Sturgess Architecture

Building Bloc

Calgary, Alberta, Canada



Sturgess Architecture designed the Building Bloc, a 1995 renovation and retrofit of three warehouse buildings on the former ‘Electric Avenue’, becoming the catalyst for the rejuvenation of the street into what is now known as Calgary’s Design District. At that time, Sturgess Architecture’s offices were developed on the former roof of the west warehouse building, resulting in a 2500 ft.2 space for with open office stations for a staff of 15.

During the 1995 renovation, Sturgess designed a portion of the renovated space as a Business Centre. Shared meeting rooms were designed to accentuate open and cellular offices that were leased on a time basis. Central reception and support services were shared by both the Business Centre and Sturgess Architecture. During further renovations in 2007, Sturgess Architecture’s space was expanded. Flexible meeting rooms were developed that are separated by glass garage doors, allowing for multiple configurations that can suit a variety of needs. Open office stations allow the staff to collaborate and participate in all projects.

As well as Sturgess Architecture’s offices, the Building Bloc houses commercial retail including an art gallery, gourmet food store, wine store and spa on the main floor.

* Building Bloc pre-renovation