Coliseum Station Upgrades

City of Edmonton
Edmonton, Alberta



As one of the original 5 LRT stations in Edmonton, Coliseum Station has been in operation for nearly 40 years. Not only has it naturally reached a state at which a refresh is necessary, but the need to redevelop and revitalize the adjacent Northlands property further amplifies this need.

An initial assessment was undertaken to understand and encompass the rehabilitation of the building systems, as well as the improvement of safety, security, accessibility, and mobility. Additionally, we explored the operational and maintenance efficiency, and the incorporation of public art. The resultant improvements focused not only on the station itself, but included the adjacent Bus Transit Centre.

In an effort to facilitate a revitalized transit station suitable for every user group, with an architectural expression that is unique to the Coliseum Station, the public realm was paramount. At-grade connections from the Transit Centre and the north and south station entrances under the 118 Avenue underpass are enhanced to provide safe, walkable access to the station.

Envisioned as a symbolic gesture to the history of Northlands and the immediate adjacencies, the station architecture and its materiality is conceptualized as a beacon and gateway to 118 Avenue.


*All content is part of an ongoing conceptual study forĀ Edmonton Coliseum Station by the City of Edmonton

*This project was completed in partnership with RPK Architects