Image of Connaught Gardens in Calgary designed by Calgary architect Sturgess Architecture.

Connaught Gardens

Battistella Developments
Calgary, Alberta, Canada



Connaught Gardens is comprised of eleven townhouses framing a central courtyard, taking advantage of views to the school ground to the west. It fits into the tree lined streetscape to the south, and diminishes the view of the apartment tower to the north.

Five two storey townhouses form the street edge, while a second row of five sit atop the lane-accessed individual garages at the north edge of the site, facing the central courtyard. The increased height of the north units ensures solar penetration, while a rear walled terrace blocks the view of the high-rise next door. An eleventh unit at the east end closes and overlooks the courtyard. All units enjoy a two storey window to the south, and open plan, loft-like floor spaces. Connaught Gardens is listed on the Alberta Association of Architects’ Chronicle of Significant Alberta Architecture.