Edmonton Fire Stations 17 & 18

City of Edmonton
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



Fire Stations No. 17 and No. 18 in Edmonton were built in 1978. Both buildings required upgrades to the existing space, and additions to house dorm rooms and a fitness area. The primary goal of the project was to design an integrated addition to the existing stations, which maintains its historical presence within the community. Secondly, we wanted to design meaningful interior improvements for the occupants, taking great care to consider what these spaces needed to function more effectively.

On the exterior, we integrated a strip of yellow-blue polychromatic glass to conceptually recognize the fire fighter’s space in the station and in the community, as they are always ready to respond. The appearance of the glass changes from day to night creating a dynamic façade, and activating the buildings’ street presence. The reflection of the coloured glass creates a sense of interest in the interior, and becomes a design element both outside and inside the fire station. This was a pragmatic, cost effective design element with superior design value.