Image of Sturgess Architecture's Formshift Competition entry.

Formshift Competition: RE-THINK SURFACE: building on the Cambie Subway Corridor

Formshift Competition



RE-THINK SURFACE is the winner of the Vancouver Primary category of the Formshift Competition. The unique competition challenged invited architects, designers and others with creative flair to submit innovative built form ideas to guide Vancouver’s future growth. The site is the location of a subway station, above which RE-THINK SURFACE is proposed. The design exposes two stories under the station to allow for natural light and to created a visual connection between the station and street level.

RE-THINK SURFACE is generated based on the idea that future buildings must produce rather than consume. In an attempt to create an architecture that provides alternative ways to live, work, play, and grow, we must RE-THINK the traditional use, form, and spaces buildings provide. Buildings must respond to the demands of its users and the local social and environmental conditions. As a result, buildings will evolve and develop as sustainable places. The resultant architecture is a building with a variety of productive SURFACES. WALLS harness energy, ROOFS grow food and SURFACES connect public and private spaces. The architecture offers a variety of uses internally and externally presenting a walkable sustainable building to the community. By ensuring the design of all new buildings respect the surrounding context and understand the local environmental conditions, SURFACES can be sculpted to provide a vibrant urban environment for people to work, live and play.