Image of Glas in Calgary designed by Calgary architecture Sturgess Architecture
Avalon Master Builder
Calgary, Alberta, Canada



Located in an inner-city community, the project is ideally situated to bridge the historic, denser urban fabric of Calgary’s core with the sprawl of the periphery. The project combines four single-family lots to provide for 21 units, an increase of five times the density.

The units are placed along an east-west axis, organized in two linear blocks, separated by an internal courtyard. Minimum parking requirements are achieved within the garage, which is placed central to the sloping landscape, reducing excavation and providing a platform for the courtyard and north unit block above.

The project is designed to maximize Calgary’s extensive sunlight, while mitigating its intensity with a series of fixed and operable mesh screens that also offer privacy within the courtyard context. Sheltered but sunlit, these veiled spaces create a layer of transition from the communal courtyard to the private residential spaces .