Image of Montreal house designed by Calgary architect Sturgess Architecture.

Montreal House




The clients are a young professional couple who envision a series of active and passive recreational spaces for their family. This has been manifested into a continuous and seamless series of living spaces that support free communication and interaction within the house.

The site lies adjacent to a large house that occupies most of the property to the east. Montreal house is sited as a narrow linear form that screens the adjacent house, thereby opening the length of the site,  into a broad side yard that captures the sun and becomes the frontage to the active interior spaces of the house.

The house addresses the street with a porch that frames the living room. A gentle ramp that transverses the upward slope provides the entry, and continues into the house, positioning the visitor into the centre of activity.

The two-storey volume, encased in a carapace of Cor-Ten steel lined with wood, encloses the procession of living spaces at grade that open, through the canopied double height curtainwall, into equivalent outdoor spaces to the west. A stair climbs to a main bedroom that is cantilevered into the treed landscape. An adjacent roof terrace overlooks the city skyline to the north east. The garage is accessed from the rear street, a function of the garden wall. The house is both respectful to the street and public realm, and robust and dynamic within the privacy of the garden courtyard.