Nelson Waterfront

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Nelson, BC, Canada



Incorporated in 1897, Nelson was the original capital of British Columbia. Nelson’s downtown is comprised of a vibrant mix of heroic public and elegant commercial buildings grounding the adjacent mountainside residential development. This proposed master plan development aims to reestablish the waterfront as the focus of the city.

The site is conceptualized as a series of buildings oriented perpendicular to Kootenay Lake. View corridors toward the lake provide a visual and physical connection for the 55 residential and live-work units. Connectivity to the waterfront is achieved through the proposed extension of Cedar Street. A restaurant is located at the corner of Cedar Street and the waterfront intending to serve the greater Nelson community. Cedar Street extends northward from its grid and culminates in a public access wharf to engage boaters in the public realm. Live-work units and associated parking stalls front onto Cedar Street providing a transition between adjacent commercial and residential development. A number of efforts have been made to enhance the public experience on the site. These efforts include adding a public esplanade adjacent to the lake, rebuilding the lakeside bank to provide greater access to the lake, and closing the lakefront road.