Image of Strathearn Heights Masterplan in Edmonton, designed by Calgary architect Sturgess Architecture

Strathearn Heights Masterplan

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



Strathearn Heights was designed as a model for post-war affordable housing within a sylvan context. The present buildings have come to the end of their viable life cycle, and the development is not sustainable in 21st century Edmonton. Located only a few minutes walk from downtown and the picturesque river valley, the site is graced by a remarkable legacy of mature trees and a unique street pattern evocative of the river valley.

The concept focuses around a public gathering space and local retail village. The plan maintains and enhances pedestrian linkages through the community to the river valley and between parks. Additional public park space is provided, including a central park and six smaller public open spaces to compliment the existing trees, playground, rink and hall of Silver Heights Park. Residential high-rise buildings are integrated with diverse housing typologies that feature individual doorways, porches and windows providing a human-scaled building edge, creating active and inviting streetscapes at grade. The concept is compact, using higher densities to support built form, streets and park space. The development of links to the river valley, cycle path system, and future transit systems promote a range of transportation and enhance walkability and connectivity to and throughout the site.


* in association with Carlyle and Associates Landscape Architects