Image of The Block multi-family in Calgary, designed by Calgary architect Sturgess Architecture.
Avi Urban
Calgary, Alberta, Canada



Sixty-one residential units are situated around a courtyard, located one half-block from the busy retail precinct of 17th Avenue SW in Calgary. The project contains a mix of unit types (townhouses, live/work, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 2-bedroom + den) and features live/work units along the ground floor addressing the laneway. The building is designed within the parameters of a ‘street-oriented multi-family’ development that will bring density and urban vibrancy to the neighbourhood. All ground floor units on 9A Street SW have front doors facing the street and the adjacent landscaping accentuates the character of the streetscape, which allows for more ‘eyes on the street’ and a larger sense of ownership over the street and laneways adjacent to the building by increasing the number of units on these edges. The buildings are joined together by a sinuous system of exterior elevated passageways unifying the series of buildings as one element.