Image of Bridges Masterplan in Calgary, designed by Calgary architect Sturgess Architecture.

The Bridges Masterplan

The City of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta, Canada



This urban design, the winning entry in a national competition hosted by the City of Calgary, is a mixed-use housing scheme for a thirty acre site in the community of Bridgeland Riverside on the site of the former Calgary General Hospital.

It was stipulated in the competition regulations that the current quantity of park or open space was to remain, although the location could change. This design sees the relocation of the major park site within the greater redevelopment area. The park is moved to the centre of the redevelopment site, overlooking the bluff and closer to the existing community. The park is enclosed on three sides by housing in scale with the new open space and allows for spectacular views of the downtown city from the new community centre. The existing retail street is to be strengthened and re-established and two stories of housing placed above. The remaining multi-family housing contains either two levels of housing or convertible live-work studio space at grade with another two to six levels above. A proposed development for the Memorial Drive edge is for 30,000 square meters of office space; as a means to mediate the community from the traffic and to provide increased ridership for the LRT. The Bridges Masterplan has won, among other awards, the Architectural Review Magazine/MIPIM Future Project Award.