Image of the Water Centre in Calgary designed by Calgary architect Sturgess Architecture

The Water Centre

The City of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta, Canada



The Water Centre is the first phase of the redevelopment of an industrial site into a civic operational and administrative centre. The 16,000 square metre building brings together two City departments: Waterworks and Wastewater.

The project’s industrial/residential context demanded a dynamic yet sensitive response to the site. The long narrow mass of the building is comprised of 2 radii – one along the north axis of the site and a second that protectively encloses the cross section of the wall and roof. The building is clad in galvanised aluminum, which reflects the quality of the ever changing light that is unique to Calgary. The green/blue pattern of the curtain wall glass on the south echoes the shimmering of water and is appreciated from within the atrium and outside the building.

The Water Centre is 4 stories at the west end with a walk-out floor on the east. The one-storey operational wing is covered by a green roof. Sustainable achievements include 58% energy saving, a water use reduction of 59%, a 72% reduction of wastewater and 95% diversion of construction waste from landfill. The Water Centre is certified LEED Gold.

*in association with Manasc Isaac Architecture