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Image of The Block multi-family in Calgary, designed by Calgary architect Sturgess Architecture.
Image of House on the Heights in Calgary, a single family residence designed by Calgary architect Sturgess Architecture.
Image of the Water Centre in Calgary designed by Calgary architect Sturgess Architecture
Image of Avli on the Atlantic in Calgary designed by Calgary architect Sturgess Architecture


Sturgess Architecture is an award-winning design studio founded on the principles of creativity, community and collaboration.

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What the Sturgess Architecture group brought to our project over the course of almost five years was a completely unlimited vision. When the Water Utility was looking for a unique yet fiscally responsible facility for its employees and for the citizens of Calgary, these challenges were met by Sturgess. Their collaborative and innovative approach ensured the words “can’t be done” were turned into “why not?” and used as opportunities to create something new and tangible. Throughout the course of the project a representative from Sturgess was always available to research and investigate issues that surfaced. The success of The Water Centre is a direct result of the commitment and dedication provided by Sturgess Architecture.
Ross E. Murray, The City of Calgary

...Jeremy emerging as the architect most likely to leave an indelible stamp on Calgary’s future.
Don Braid, Calgary Herald

Is Alberta an uncultured, redneck province? Hardly...ours is a province of Sufi chants and Jeremy Sturgess architecture, of First Nations tales and of jazz. We are a creative, innovative, expressive people who can lead the nation not only in business, but also in arts and culture.
Colin Jackson, Past President, Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts

I found the team at Sturgess very good to work with throughout the project; they are skilled designers, excellent problem solvers and respect the budgets and timelines. I highly recommend Sturgess Architecture for any project you’re considering.
Dan Bowman, Building Bloc

I was in charge when the team led by Sturgess Architecture was selected in a competition to design the Master Plan for The Bridges. Sturgess Architecture was successful at a number of levels, including the fostering of a level of respect and collaboration with the local community and stakeholders, the cohesive interaction with two City Departments – Planning & Building and Corporate Properties, and ultimately, in realizing an urban redevelopment that is an award-winning model for inner city communities. As Chair of the Calgary Planning Commission, I have personally had the opportunity of working with Mr. Jeremy Sturgess as a member and commend his vision and contribution to the development and regeneration of Calgary.
David Watson, former General Manager of Planning, Development and Assessment for The City of Calgary

There are few owners of a completed construction project who can say that they enjoyed the design and construction experience. I am an exception to that rule. I found the process of working with Sturgess Architecture from the development of the original design to the completion of the project to be stimulating and satisfying.
David Percy, Former Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta

Bridgeland Community Centre by Sturgess Architecture and its neighbouring urban village sets a fine example of what the city needs to embrace.
Lisa Rochon, The Globe and Mail

As an artist, I have often remarked that their approaches are not unlike how an artist sets out into the unknown territory to find their way to arriving at a place that is new and inventive. The creative component of Sturgess Architecture plays a major role in why they are as idiosyncratic as they are. A commitment to community, an overview of form and function, the environment / site as theatrical background for the event of architecture to perform within, and the ability to make you believe that everything is possible, can change how you think and live. Or, at least this has been my experience of being able to participate on some of their projects, where an artistic integration as collaboration is generated from them.

I watch in wonder at the next things they will dream upon and come up with. The things that will become what we all accept as the world we might live in.
Derek Michael Besant RC, Faculty of Fine Art ACAD